Dangerous viruses pose a global, persistent, and unavoidable threat to humanity.

What if we could predict which variants of a virus are of greatest concern and design vaccines to protect against them, a priori?

Many of the world’s most threatening viruses are continually evolving, outwitting our immune systems, outpacing efforts to develop effective vaccines, and causing untold suffering.

Our pioneering approach centers on a unique technology platform which allows us to survey the entire landscape of existing and potential variants to design new vaccines against the most threatening viruses.

Apriori was founded by Flagship Pioneering to provide humanity with variant-resilient protection against rapidly-evolving viruses.


Balint Antal, PhD, Senior Scientist

Balint Antal, PhD

Senior Scientist

Markus Arnold, PhD, Senior Scientist II

Markus Arnold, PhD

Senior Scientist II

Sukhmani Bedi, PhD, Scientist II

Sukhmani Bedi, PhD

Scientist II

Charlens Beneche, Research Associate II

Charlens Beneche

Research Associate II

Julia Chartove, PhD, Scientist II

Julia Chartove, PhD

Scientist II

David Chiovitti, Senior Scientist

David Chiovitti

Senior Scientist

Gus Dunn, PhD, Associate Director

Gus Dunn, PhD

Associate Director

Yingsong Hao, MD, PhD, Senior Scientist II

Yingsong Hao, MD, PhD

Senior Scientist II

Jack Holland, PhD, Scientist II

Jack Holland, PhD

Scientist II

Anna Honko, PhD, Director of Preclinical Biology

Anna Honko, PhD

Director of Preclinical Biology

Patrick Jones, PhD, MBA, Head of R&D Strategy

Patrick Jones, PhD, MBA

Head of R&D Strategy

Anurag Limdi, PhD, Scientist

Anurag Limdi, PhD


Crystal Mendoza-Lopez, PhD, Scientist

Crystal Mendoza-Lopez, PhD


Diego Mourao, PhD, Senior Scientist II

Diego Mourao, PhD

Senior Scientist II

Kevin Olivieri, PhD, Principal Scientist

Kevin Olivieri, PhD

Principal Scientist

Deesha Patel, Senior Research Associate I

Deesha Patel

Senior Research Associate I

Nicole Thadani, PhD, Senior Scientist II

Nicole Thadani, PhD

Senior Scientist II

Caroline Wilkinson, Senior Engineer

Caroline Wilkinson

Senior Engineer

Leerang Yang, PhD, Scientist I

Leerang Yang, PhD

Scientist I

Jeremy Yethon, PhD, Head of Biology

Jeremy Yethon, PhD

Head of Biology


Jesse Bloom, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Professor, Fred Hutch

HHMI Investigator

Arup Chakraborty, PhD

Scientific Advisor and Academic Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Institute Professor at MIT

Founding Steering Committee Member, Ragon Institute

Tom DiLenge

Senior Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Global Public Policy, Regulatory & Governmental Strategy

Stephen Hahn, MD

CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering and CEO, Harbinger Health

U.S. FDA Commissioner 2019-21

Michel C. Nussenzweig, MD, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Zanvil A. Cohn and Ralph M. Steinman Professor and Senior Physician, The Rockefeller University

HHMI Investigator

Wellington Sun, MD

Former Head of Vaccine Strategy, Moderna

Former Director, FDA Division of Vaccines

Andrew Weber

Senior Advisor

Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense